Techie stuff

Archiving twitter via open source software

Over the last few months I’ve been helping Lorna Richardson, PhD student at the Centre for Digital Humanities at UCL. Her research is centred around the use of Twitter and social media by archaeologists and others who have an interest in the subject. I’ve been using the platform for around…

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British Institute of Persian Studies

After a few months of on-off work, I’ve finally finished the British Institute of Persian studies website. It has taken a bit longer than I expected as we’ve had to get comments from various stake holders on the committee of the Institute. I’m actually quite pleased with it and I’m…

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I’m just building a new website for the British Institute of Persian Studies to replace their old one . And I’ve been experimenting with adding Google and flickr to the basic Textpattern driven content management system. I haven’t gone down a plugin path for this, instead I’ve used a really…

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