Cambridge Festival of Ideas: 3D

Yesterday at the Museum of Classical Archaeology, I led a session to teach members of the public how to create 3D models using Structure from Motion. 20 people attended and I hope enjoyed and learnt new things. The training materials for the workshop are on Github pages and some of…

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The digidoc logo

Last week in Stirling, the epicentre of digital cultural imaging in Scotland’s burgeoning cultural heritage scene, the amazing Engine Shed team organised three days of slick presentations, magic, dancing and whisky that made DigiDoc 2018. (Is that breathless enough for you?)

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Portable Antiquities Scheme site wins an award

Museums and the web logo The Portable Antiquities Scheme website, which I rebuilt over a period of around 10 months from 2009 – March 2010 has just won an award at the international ‘Museums and the Web’ conference held in Philadelphia. I originally entered the Scheme’s website just to try…

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